Ft. Stevens
Labor Day Weekend '02

Having attended the event for the ninth consecutive year, I was not greatly moved to take a slew of pictures of this year's event. If you want photos, wait until I return from Sharpsburg....


After the first battle of the weekend, I saw Lin Ahearn as he viewed the armies while they reassembled. I remarked that he reminded me of Gen. Lee astride Traveler from that famous photo. So, I had to snap a shot.

Texas Target Practice. The results formed the basis of the two below photos.


My favorite photo of the weekend. Thought the color version without all the tricks to make a photo look period was worth publishing as it looks good, also.



John Tylczak does not look like a high school teacher in this photo from inside the Texas camp.


The Texicans cheered equally for a hanging or a wedding. Here, the happy couple promise to tie the knot on 8 November; otherwise, a knot gets tied around his neck on 9 November.


Some photos just don't work in sepia tone. Photo taken during the send-off for Col. Turner who has accepted a promotion to private next year. First time I ever saw a French press and porcelean cups in the Texican camp.


The remaining photos are from the last battle of the day. The blue suits were slated to win - being the last battle of the weekend and the season. The only problem is that they expected it to be handed to them on a silver platter.

Didn't happen that way.


Texicans at the front. I think that's John Tylczak facing to the rear as he begins to walk to safety.


"Show blood!" John Tylczak (center) after being confronoted by Sgt.Major Dub.


The likely commander next year, Major Slap-a-brew pacing the rear. It looked like the blue suits might push through the lines. A Virginia unit is in the background.


Col. Reed's blue suits pushed the Patriots off the line shown in the above photos. That's as far as he got. Below is a reason why:


The Confederate line was too strong. This only represents one company. The Confederate line proceeds behind the above photo, and the entire length was much longer than that of the blue suits.

Col. Reed was furious. His blue team was saved by a rider charging from stage left claiming to have a message that General Lee had surrendered. So, we should, too. Many of us walked off the field to join Joe Johnston. Having all my gear on my back - as usual - I walked directly to my waiting coach.

End of battle. End of weekend.

I did not get away quickly as I discovered a flat tire awaited me. So much for leaving early.






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