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Fine Tuning Your Impression - by R. Denton

Duties of the First Sergeant - from Kautz's Customs of Service

Duties of the Sergeant Major - from Kautz's Customs of Service

Manual of Arms for the 2d Wisconsin - by Mike Thorson - 33d Wisconsin

Gilham's Manual for Volunteers and Militia- it's a Confederate thing. Includes the skirmish drill

Another Gilham's Manual For Volunteers And Militia - a better page which includes illustrations

The Volunteer's Manual by Lt.Col. Baxter (1861) - from the 2d Wisconsin - includes great illustrations of the musket drill

Hardee's Tactics - someone with too much time on their hands has been typing Hardee's onto the net

Scanned copy of the entire U.S. Infantry Tactics for the instruction, exercise, and manoeuvres of the United States infantry, including infantry of the line, light infantry, and riflemen. Prepared under the direction of the War department, and authorized and adopted by the secretary of war, May 1, 1861.

Scanned copy of the entire Revised U.S. Army Regulations for 1861, with an appendix containing the changed and laws affecting Army regulations and Articles of war to June 25, 1863.

Scanned copy of the entire Scott's Military Dictionary comprising technical definitions; information on raising and keeping troops; actual service, including makeshifts and improved material

Spencer Rifle Manual of Arms

Jacob Abraham Saville and the Red River Campaign

The Campaigner's Coffee

Confederate Coffee Substitutes - period newspaper receipts about efforts to replicate the exilir of life

The Value of a Little Research - Q & A's about dried beef during the war

No One Loves Me Like My Tomato Can - An article about traveling light

Making your own oilcloth

General Order No. 60 re: Shelter Tent Dimensions date December 12, 1864 and corrected February 1, 1865 from The Arsenal, a serious CW sutler

Usage of Tents by by Eric Mink, 4th VA at

Confederate "Columbus Depot" Jackets: The Material Evidence by Geoffrey R. Walden - one of the best reenacting articles published on the internet

Other Uses for the Canteen - from Si Klegg and his Pard, Shorty

The Enfield in the Civil War - or - "To Blue or Not to Blue" by Geoff Walden

More on Swords, Pistols, Knives

Less is More by Mark (Silas) Tackitt

Hints on Campaign Camping from Those Who Really Did It by Steve Acker

Shelter Tents for the Confederate Impression by Pvt. R. Gregory as noted in the September 2000 Newsletter of the 21st Virginia

The Bridgeman Shelter Tent by Scott Cross
Notes on an original shelter-half in the Wisconsin's Veteran's Museum Collection

The Heywood Shelter Half - it's really an advertisement, but it has informationabout original shelters not otherwise available


Civil War Field Fortifications. It's not an article, but its an extensive webpage devoted to fortifications

Step by Step Preparation of Cartridges (with pictures) - from the 14th Tennessee's webpage

Some Pacific Nor'west event photos

Photos from Winterquarters 2000

Pictures from the Roslyn event taken by the Far from Home movie makers.

The Progression of Taps - No, Dan Butterfield did not compose it at Berkeley Plantation during the Peninsular Campaign

U.S. Volunteers Safety Regulations

Converts Sought from the Heathen - by Old Soldier


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