Members of the

44th Tennessee Consolidated Infantry

who surrendered and received paroles

at Appomattox Court House


Capt T.W. Tarpley, Co. A; Capt J.E Spencer, Co. B; Surgeon John D. Jackson; Capt G.T. Dodson, Co. C; 2d Lt George Ashley, Co. D, 1st Lt *****, Acting Adjutant for McComb's Consolidated Tennessee Brigade

Co. A

1st Serg't B.F. Fanning, 2d Serg't H.H. Manly, 3d Serg't James Stiles, Private Powell Ayers, J.B Bomar, T.J. Curran, J.W. Doldy, A.L. Haggard, J.G. Land, T.C. Taylor, James Lintrell, P.P. Luckey, H.P. McElyead, Wm Norman, A.J. Seaton, W.H. Snow, J.G. Shriver, J.H. Tripp, T.M. Tripp, & J.J. Williams.

Co. B

Serg't S.H. Kimes, Corp'l J.F. Spencer, Private W.H. McGuire and one horse J.C. Stephenson, John Vickers, W.A. Wade, & S.W. Walker.

Co. C

Serg't M.J. Turner, Private W. J. Barton, L.F. Biber, A.T. Lyons, & Allen Kemp

Co. D

Private Wm Sharpe, J.W. Templeton, & J.W. Blackburn.

Co. F

Private O.B.R. Swanner, W.H. Hughey, F.M. Storey, M.E. Story, J.B. Majors, & G.M Whilt.

Co. H

Private T.J. Elirzeer & Daniel Kelly

Co. I

3d Serg't J.H Cunningham, Serg't T.C. Dunlop, Private J.H. Hagan, A.J. Hough, & B.F. May.

Co. K

Mus'n Wm Marshall, Private Bailey Stratton, R. Tolliver, & John Phillips

Immediately before Lee's Retreat, the unit was designated as McComb's Brigade, Heth's Division, A.P. Hill's 3d Corps, Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. After the death of A.P. Hill, the 1st and 3d Corps were consolidated and placed under Longstreet. The consolidation of the 1st and 3d Corps was the fourth and final consolidation suffered by the 44th Tennessee.

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