Enlist for the Cause!

Join the Federals
for the

Sayler's Creek Campaign March

Leaving Amelia Courthouse early on 8 April 2000!

The End is in Sight!

Federal troops are now gathering to capture the retreating rebel army. Flushed from Petersburg and fleeing westward, Lee's demoralized rabble must be stopped before it joins Johnston's army to the south.

A Unique Reenactment!

The 135th anniversary of the Battles of Sayler's Creek offer a unique reenacting experience. The primary battle for the weekend will occur at the Hillsman farm on Sunday. Unlike other reenactments near historic sites, this reenamactment occurs on the same historic ground where Sheridan's cavalry and Wright's Sixth Corps shattered Ewell's and Anderson's Confederate corps. Nearly 7,700 Confederates became hors-de-combat from this engagement. Eight Confederate generals became prisoners of war, and three who escaped capture were relieved of command by General Lee.

Mainstream reenactors will be encamped near the battlefield and participate in a tactical on Saturday. Rather than maintain a static camp, the Campaigners will march from Amelia Courthouse, engage in several running battles, sleep in the field, and arrive Sunday near the Hillman Farm where the Campaigners and Mainstreamers will reenact the Hillsman's Farm battle of Sayler's Creek.

For the two days, the Campaigners will march over the same route taken by the two armies 135 years earlier. Saturday's march will be approximately eight miles with four more to occur on Sunday.

The Federal Campaign Persona

Federal campaigners will portray the 20th Indiana of the 1st Brigade, 3d Division, Second Corps. See, Campaign Impression Standards. On 6 April 1865, the 20th Indiana, led by Captain J.W. Shafer, acted as skirmishers and led the advance against the tail of Army of Northern Virginia. See, Official Reports of the 1st Brigade and 3d Division commanders during the Appomattox Campaign, and see, information from Dyer's Compendium about the 20th. Gordon's Second Corps acted as the rearguard for the A.N.V. Both army corps engaged in near constant skirmishing. Larger encounters between these corps occurred at Deatonsville and Holt's Corner. These skirmishes created bountiful opportunities for the Federal Army.

The Federal Campaigners will be led by "Duke". Many regular and galvanized federals are needed to make this unique campaign/mainstream event successful. Confederates cannot be retreating if they outnumber Federals by the usual two or three to one.

"If you are a Federal and call yourself as a campaigner, if you're one of the enlightened few who do dual impressions and you've got good quality Federal gear, or if you are in a mainstream unit and want to get a sample of what it is all of us wild-eyed campaigners, progressives and hardcores are all frothing at the mouth about, don't miss falling in with the Federal campaigner battalion at Sayler's Creek. If you miss it, you'll regret it and so will we all. We've got to outnumber the Johnnies substantially if not massively in order to do this scenario right.

"Federal Campaigners! Rally at Sayler's Creek! Run the Johnnies to ground in the Last Campaign!"

Commanding, Federal Campaign Battalion

Be one of the hundreds of Federals who will be marching on this historic route. Register today with the on-line registration. For more information contact Duke or visit Official Page for the Sayler's Creek reenactment.

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