Silas' Pictures
Duncans Mills 2002

Sunday: He sure looked like Marse Robert. Something about watching him eat cookies from a plastic container while the battalion was assembling for battle decreased his stock with the campaigners.


Sunday: Stretch's shadow for the weekend: Will Deagan.
He sure was everywhere - especially where food was present.


Sunday afternoon: Deagan's dying words were, "Silas, take my picture."
A photo good enough to make his mom cry.
That's Stretch in the background.


Sunday afternoon: Yankee dead fill the trench to the right of the chevaux.


Sunday afternoon: Yankees near the other chevaux.


My favorite photo of the weekend. Looks a little too real.
Stretch appears deflated from loss of blood. Also, his leg and torso seem twisted and mangled.
I can think of a couple people who wish the photo was real.


Anthony teaching Stretch a new place to store his empty cans.
Bet Stretch swore like a mule driver when he learned the source of all that noise.


Sunday evening stop in Redding. As if we did not eat enough grease over the weekend.
Been there; got the t-shirt. Locals thought we were crazy snapping photos at a burger joint.
John Tylczak, Mark Terry, me, and Anthony Monson.

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