Washington Civil War Association

Purpose of the Association

1. The Washington Civil War Association is a club organized to honor America's past by reenacting th War Between the States. Our objective is to interpret and present the daily life of Confederate and Federal soldiers and their families and associates for the public through living history, reenactments, first person characterizations and lectures. To this end, our member units portray military and civilian organizations from all theaters of the Civil War during the period of 1861-65.

2. This is a hobby. We are here to educate the public, to share a common interest with our friends, and have a good time in the process. The WCWA does not seek to portray the "real" Army, nor does it encourage its member units to do so.

3. Diversity is one of the strong points of any organization. Our members have dramatically different backgrounds and values. In order to preserve the harmony of the individual units, as well as the WCWA, it is essential that we respect each other's values.

4. Each member is responsible for developing his or her own persona. As living historians we should know what is correct for the period and for our personas within that period. Each member is encuraged to use the historical record as a guide to his or her persona development. All members are actively encouraged to do their own research in order to expand our combined knowledge of the units.

Quoted from Article 1, sections 1-4, of the Constitution of the Washington Civil War Association.

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