Eviction Services
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Law Offices of Mark B. Tackitt

Attorneys Fees and costs

To commence a residential eviction, I require a prepayment of $600 for attorneys and costs. If you are an AASK member, inquire about your special discount. The services provided and enumberation of costs are as follows:

Attorneys fees for contested and uncontested residential evictions are $300. This fee is nonrefundable. Services for this fee include, but are not limited to: (1) preparing the Summons and Complaint; (2) preparing the judgment and writ; (3) appearing at the default hearing or the show cause hearing; and (4) preparing the client for said hearings.

In the rare event that a case is not resolved by hearing and a trial or revision hearing is scheduled, the attorneys fees are $150 per hour for all work performed after the default hearing or show cause hearing.

Costs for residential evictions run approximately $300. These costs are: $35-80 for process service of the Summons and Complaint; $30-110 for the court's filing fee; $20-26 for the writ of restitution; $55-100 for the sheriff's fee to serve the writ. For the substantial majority of cases, the costs are less than $250. Any unused portion of this $300 cost deposit is refunded to the client.

The costs to service pleadings and writs varies due to distance from downtown Seattle. The court filing fee varies depending upon whether the tenant defaults or responds to the summons in writing. The cost of the writ varies upon the number of tenants evicted.

Rarely but occasionally, a tenant vacates the premises after being served with pleadings, but before any case is filed with the court. In this situation, the only costs are process service fees.

When judgment and writ are awarded against a tenant, the above stated attorneys fees and costs are included in the judgment amount.

How to commence an eviction case

  1. Serve the legal notice properly.
  2. Wait the applicable time period for that type of notice. While you are waiting, complete the eviction questionnaire and attorney retainer agreement. Send them to us by mail or email.
  3. Send a check or call with your VISA/MASTERCARD information. Do not send credit card information by email. We take over from here.


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